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Arizona offers an incredible range of opportunities for visitors. Its climate ranges from cool pines to breathtaking desert beauty. Arizona has some of the top resorts and spas in the world. It also offers a wealth of opportunities for those who love the outdoors.

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Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

One of the ten busiest in the world with a $90 million daily economic impact. On a typical day: Nearly 1500 aircraft arrive and depart, About 100,000 passengers arrive and depart and more than 700 tons of air cargo is handled.

Terminal 1 was the first “modern” terminal build. It was completed in October 1952 and cost $853,000. In 1990 Terminal 1 was demolished, but the other terminals were never renumbered.

Terminal 2 was completed in 1962 at a cost of $2.7 million. Its size is 330,000 square feet.

Terminal 3 is 880,000 square-feet in size and was completed in 1979. The cost of Terminal 3 was 35 million.

Terminal 4 opened in 1990 and cost of $248 million. It measures 2.3 million square-feet in size.

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